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After the DevFest Mozilla Maker Party

Hi there, the last weekend we had so much fun!

I participated as a speaker at DevFest Istanbul 2014 and then the my speech I went to help to EPIK team for Minecraft hacking activity. As you know, I’m a Firefox Student Ambassador and this activity was supported by Mozilla. I observed EPIK team really know this job! Take part in this activity organized for the children was a pleasure for me. Continue reading

Hello World!


It’s my first blog post. I opened this blog to tell about my experiences. Admittedly, I miss using the WordPress. I will tell mainly Java technologies in this blog but I’ll write articles on various subjects such as Linux, Cloud Computing, Embedded Systems and NoSQL.

In particular, I want to express, your valuable comments and feedbacks is very important to me. I want to produce quality content and to be useful to colleagues who is working in a software sector.


To discuss as soon as possible!