How to Install Django on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux

Hello everyone! Today I want to show you that how can you install Django web framework on Ubuntu and Fedora GNU/Linux distributions. First, I want to clarify what Django is. Django is a full-featured Python web framework for developing dynamic websites and applications and and this is also the most popular Python web framework. It contains built-in authantication system, ORM, admin interface and many other things.  This framework has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you want to know who is using Django, I have prepared a list for you; Continue reading “How to Install Django on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux”

5 Useful Atom Plugins for C/C++ Developers

Hello everyone. In this article, I want to show you how to build a development environment for C/C++ in the Atom text editor. If you don’t familiar with Atom, please read this article before. There are many IDE options for developing C/C++ applications on Linux such as CLion, Qt Builder etc. However, I usually prefer working on Atom because it is fast and lightweight when we compare with its competitors.

Firstly, if you want a complete development environment, you can choose a commercial IDE, but I strongly recommend Continue reading “5 Useful Atom Plugins for C/C++ Developers”

A review of the Github’s Atom Editor

Atom  is a free and open source text editor for macOS, Linux and Windows¹. It was developed with NodeJS under the MIT licence by GitHub Inc. This ultra customizable editor is almost as capable as an IDE thanks to its plugins. That’s why I want to introduce Atom to you.

Especially if you’ve used an editor like Sublime Text, you will really love Atom! I think it is one of the best open source editor. Therefore, it is very practical and when you see how it will make your job easier, you will not give up. As an example, Continue reading “A review of the Github’s Atom Editor”

Kaspersky OS for IoT and Embedded Systems

Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cyber security and antivirus vendor, has announced its own ‘secure’ operating system called the Kaspersky OS. This product was developed for IoT and embedded systems at the end of 14 years of hard working.

The reason behind developing Kaspersky OS is simple: growing Internet-of-Things and embedded devices in industrial control systems (ICS) to power critical infrastructure. The company has shared some details in its website that you might want to know about this new operating system.
Continue reading “Kaspersky OS for IoT and Embedded Systems”

After a long time

I haven’t been able to write to my blog for a long time. Although, there were many problems that I had to deal with, I finally solved all the problems. From now on, I will continue to write useful articles for my followers.

I am going to write new articles on many new technologies such as Java EE, Scala, Play Framework, Spring. Moreover, you also will be able to follow new technological developments in various areas like mobile. As some of you know, Continue reading “After a long time”

Android or iOS ? Which one should I choose to develop ?

First of all, we need to look at the most important key point; application stores! When we look at the App Store, we see that it is market providing the best income so this makes it very eligible. Play Store provides 75% less income than App Store. Soon I will talk about the differences in the technical field but firstly it would be more appropriate to examine stores. Let’s look at the following chart;

As you can see in the chart, Although Play Store has more number of downloads, it gives lower income. But why ?  Continue reading “Android or iOS ? Which one should I choose to develop ?”

After the DevFest Mozilla Maker Party

Hi there, the last weekend we had so much fun!

I participated as a speaker at DevFest Istanbul 2014 and then the my speech I went to help to EPIK team for Minecraft hacking activity. As you know, I’m a Firefox Student Ambassador and this activity was supported by Mozilla. Take part in this activity has organized for the children was a pleasure for me. Continue reading “After the DevFest Mozilla Maker Party”