A review of the Github’s Atom Editor

Atom  is a free and open source text editor for macOS, Linux and Windows¹. It was developed with NodeJS under the MIT licence by GitHub Inc. This ultra customizable editor is almost as capable as an IDE thanks to its plugins. That’s why I want to introduce Atom to you.

Especially if you’ve used an editor like Sublime Text, you will really love Atom! I think it is one of the best open source editor. Therefore, it is very practical and when you see how it will make your job easier, you will not give up. As an example, I use this editor on GNU/Linux to develop Python and C/C ++ applications and I don’t wanna open PyCharm or other IDEs. I’ll soon share the plugins that I use the most.

In the beginning, we can look at what we can do with this editor. First of all, you need to determine what you need. If you are a Python developer, you should install necessary things like Git, pip, virtualenv etc. Subsequently, you can download Atom editor via this link and you can start install  some of practical plugins;

You can use autocomplete function when you coding with Python language through this plugin.

It will support Python Django web framework.

You can see error and warning messages about your code like in IDE.

It enables you to see your code as a treeview.

Why it called as hackable?

Moreover, you can also develop or extend Atom as you wish and you can share it with people. As I said before, Atom is highly customizable. If you know, CoffeeScript and CSS you can eaisly hack it! For more info, you can look at this great guide.

From now on, you are ready to join 500.000 Atom editor user. Please share your valuable comments with us. Happy coding!



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