Android or iOS ? Which one should I choose to develop ?

First of all, we need to look at the most important key point; application stores! When we look at the App Store, we see that it is market providing the best income so this makes it very eligible. Play Store provides 75% less income than App Store. Soon I will talk about the differences in the technical field but firstly it would be more appropriate to examine stores. Let’s look at the following chart;

As you can see in the chart, Although Play Store has more number of downloads, it gives lower income. But why ? Because there’s an advertising based revenue system gain like AdMob. Yes, you can publish paid app in the Play Store but users prefer free applications instead of paid ones. The iOS users are buying more.

But is everything as simple as it seems ? Of course, no. App Store is much more selective when accepting the application. And severely! For example; If you want to send an application to the Play Store, it’s easy and fast. Your application does not pass any audit so If you have a developer account, it is okay. But the App Store has strict rules. Even, they make memory leaks and thermal heat test for your mobile application. So your chances of getting rejected are high. Your application should necessarily be doing a job so aimless ones are deprecated. 

What is the situation in the technical field ?

AndroidEspecially in recent years, Android has improved a lot. A massive API support is available and It has no similarity with the first versions. I think Android is a fierce competitor in the face of iOS. Except for a few problems, of course.  There are many different sizes and with different hardware devices using Android. While developing the application, it is difficult to develop an application that will run fully stable on all Android devices. There is only one iPhone, and this great advantage for software developers. Is it over ? No. Companies are making their customizations on Android(like TouchWiz) and this is causing serious difficulties in the development process. Well, Is iOS is an angel ? Of course, no. iOS has a more limited API.  This is a precautionary measure to protect users. However, developers sometimes may get bored. 

We need to understand the Android side. It was subsequently released and forced to hold onto has made concessions. This is understandable but why isn’t there any control mechanism at the store ? This is a question mark. This has nothing to do with freedom. You can easily install an infected application.

If we look at the development tools, both of Android Studio and XCode are very good. XCode has more visual assistant. Using the Java language is a great advantage for Android.


In the world, seventy percent of mobile users prefer Android but the best income on the iOS platform. In order to publish the application in the Play Store you will need to pay 25$, this amount is 99$ in the App Store. Developer account is required to publish the application. Technically it is more comfortable to develop on iOS but Google is much more flexible to publish your applications. Also, It is very important which programming language you use. If you are a Java developer, Android much sense to you but if you want to learn Swift, why not?

I wish you success in your work. Please share your valuable comments with us.

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